It is not compulsory to choose from the syllabus. You may choose any composition by a Russian composer.

Introductory grade

I.Berkovich 25 easy piano pieces
  • Dance (no.4)
  • Ukrainian Folk Song (no.8)
  • Russian Song (no.10)
A.Gedike 60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op.36
  • A Song (no.3)
D.Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children, op.39
  • Melody (no.1)
  • Little Polka (no.2)
  • March-Like (no.3)
  • A Little Joke (no.6)
  • Song (no.8)
Children’s Adventures, op.89
  • First Waltz (no.5)

D. Khvatov  

D. Khvatov

N. Lubarsky

Mary’s Morning Song,

Mary’s Evening Song

A.Markov Jumping Jacks
P. Tchaikovsky Old Russian Song (My Lizochek)


Grade 1


I. Berkovich 25 Easy piano pieces
  • Ukrainian Folk Songs (no.7) and (no.11)
  • March (no.14)
V. Blok The Bear in the Forest, op11, no.6
  • 12 pieces in Folk Modes
  • Happy Times
L.Eurina Ukrainian Echoes
  • A Sad Song
G. Frid                 Youthful Adventures  
  • The Jolly Fiddler, op.41, no.5
G. Galynin The Bear
A. Gedike 60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op36
  • A Little Rabbit(no4)
  • A Happy Tale(no31)
  • A Sad Song(no39)
M. Glinka Polka
E. Gnesina Etude in C major
A. Grechaninov Children’s Album, op98
  • Fairy Tale(no.1)
D. Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children. Op39
  • Funny Incident (no.7)
  • March (no.10)
  • Waltz (no.13)
Children’s  Adventures op.89
  • A Little Hedgehog (no.8)
  • Skipping Rope (no.17)

D. Khvatov

A. Markov

Country Hoedown

Teapot Invention

A. Nikolaev Etude
V. Rebikov The Bear
D. Shostakovich Six Children’s Pieces op69
  • Waltz
  • Soldier’s March
S. Stravinsky Piano Music for Children
  • For the Kids Next Door
  • Pagoda
  • Stepping stones
P. Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op.39
  • Russian Folk Song


Grade 2


I. Berkovich
  • Mazurka
  • Study in G major
Six Mobiles set
  • Drone Waltz
V. Block 12 Pieces in folk modes
  • A Little Ballade
A. Dvarionas Prelude in A Minor
G. Frid Youthful Adventures
  • I’m sad
  • The Teddy Bear
  • Thoughtful Waltz op.41 no.22
A. Gedike
  • Study in G major
20 little pieces for piano
  • Dance (no.13)
60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op.36
  • Fugato(no40)
  • Military Trumpets (no53)
A. Grechaninov Children’s Album, op98
  • Farewell (no4)
Glass Beads, op123
  • Little Beggar (no2)
  • Morning Walk (no.1)
  • Etude (no3)
  • Sad Song (no.4)
D. Kabalevsky 30 Children’s Pieces, op27
  • Waltz (no1)
  • A Little Song (no.2)
24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • March (no1) (no10)
  • Scherzo (no.12)
A. Khachaturian 24 Easy Piano Pieces for Children
  • An Evening Tale

D. Khvatov

L. Korenevskaya

Bagpipe, Grade

A Little Rain
A. Levytsky Theme for Variations Souvenirs for Piano
N. Litkova Variations
S. Maikapar
  • Waltz in C major
  • In the Garden op.28, no.1
  • Study in C major
V. Rebikov Annushka
D. Shostakovich Six Children’s Pieces,op69
  • The Bear
I. Stravinsky Andantino (no1) Les cinq doigts CHS
S. Stravinsky Piano Music for Children
  • Pastoral Tune
  • Wistful
P. Tchaikovsky Album for the Youngop.39
  • The farmer’s boy playing   the Accordion (no.12)
  • The Sick Doll

Grade 3

I. Berkovich Variations on a Russian Folksong
V. Block
  • Two Ants
12 pieces in Folk Modes
  • Lullaby
  • Melancholy Song
A. Gedike
  • Study in E minor op.32, no.12
60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op36
  • Sonatina in C major (no.20)
A. Grechaninov Children’s Album, op98
  • In a Camp (no2)
  • Marching (no3)
  • Horse and Rider (no5)
  • Nanny is ill (Discontent) (no 6)
  • A Tiresome Lesson (no7)
  • Cradle song (Lullaby) (no9)
  • A little Dance (no10)
  • Study (no12)
  • After the Ball (no13)
  • A Little Traveler (no14)
  • A Little Would-be Man (no15)
Glass Beads, op.123
  • Morning Walk (no1)
  • A Little Song (no.2)
D. Kabalevsky 30 pieces for children op.27
  • Night on the River (no.4)
  • An Old Dance (no.7)
  24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • Clowns (no.20)

D. Khvatov

D. Khvatov

N. Lubarsky

Mysterious Forest

Stepping Stones

A. Maikapar Birulki op.28
  • Little Orphan (no.2)
  • The young shepherd's song (no.3)
  • In the fall (no.4)
  • Waltz (no.5)
A. Rakov
D. Shostakovich
6 Children’s pieces, op.69
  • A Happy Tale (no.4)
  • March
S. Stravinsky Tag
P. Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op39
  • Morning Prayer (no.1)
  • Mama (no.4)
  • Organ grinder’s Song (no.23)
A. Tcherepnin Prelude

Grade 4

V. Block An Old Serenade
B. Filtz
  • A lost toy (Ukrainian Echoes)
  • Playing Ball (Childhood Memories)
A. Gedike Study in G major op.36, no.26
R. Glier Rondo
A. Grechaninov Grandfather's Album, op119  (any piece)
Y. Ischenko Trembitas in the Distance
D. Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • Gallop ( Hopping) (no.18)
30 Pieces for Children, op27
  • A Sad Little Tale (no.6)
  • A Little Fairy Tale (no.9)
  • Dance on the Lawn (no.17)
Children’s Adventures op.89
  • Chastushka (no.25)
V. Kossenko Scherzino
A. Maikapar
  • Dewdrops op.33, no.12
op.28 Birulki
  • Troubled Moment (no.6)
  • Polka (no.7)
  • Little Commander (no.9)
  • A Little Fairy Tale (no.10)
  • Lullaby (no.15)
  • Sailers’ song (no.16)
V. Rebikov Silhouettes, op31
  • The Little Shepherd (no.8)
  • Thinguma Jig
D. Shostakovich Six Pieces for Children, op69
  • A Sad Fairy Tale (no.5)
P. Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op39
  • The Doll’s Funeral (no.7)
  • My New Doll (no.9)
  • Italian Song (no.15)
  • Old French Song (no16)
  • German Song (no.17)
V. Zhuravytsky The Detective

Grade 5

S. Bortkiewicz The Hardy Tin Soldier op.30, no.3
L. Eurina
  • Blues “ Mignon”
  • Pastoral
B. Filtz A Song about Grandmother
G. Frid A Day in the Country
  • Garmoshka
Russian Tales
  • Chastushka
  • A Little Song
V. Gavrilin
  • The Carillon
  • Dancing Chime
A. Gedike Study in C major op.32, no.16
Y. Gnesina Skipping Rope
A. Gretchaninov Glass Beads op.123
  • Waltz
D. Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • A Slow Waltz (no23)
  • Prelude (no.19)
  • A Happy Journey (no.24)
  • Folk Dance no.17
30 Children's Pieces, op27
  • Cradle Song (no.8)
  • Sonatina in A minor (no.18)
  • Novelette (no.25)
  • Five Happy Variations on a Russian Folk Song, op51, no.1
V. Kossenko
  • A Little Rain
  • Polka in E major

D. Khvatov

L. Kuzmenko

Alouette Variations

M. Lebeda Music for Young  Pianists
  • March
  • Mood
O. Levytsky The Merry-Go-Round
S. Maikapar

Staccato Prelude,op.31,no.6
Prelude & Fugetta
V. Rebikov In the Forest op.51,no.4
A. Rubinstain Melody
V. Selivanov Scherzo
D. Shostakovich
  • The Barrel-organ Waltz, op97
Seven Doll's Dances
  • Gavotte (no.2)
  • Hurdy-Gurdy(no.6)
6 Children’s Pieces op.69
  • The mechanical doll
P. Tchaikovsky
  • Waltz of the Flowers
 Album for the Young, op39
  • Winter Morning(no.2)
  • March of Wooden Soldiers(no.5)
  • Mazurka(no.10)
  • Kamarinskaya (no.13)
  • Polka(no.14)
  • The Old Nurse's Tale(no.19)
  • Sweet Dreams (no.21)
  • In Church (no.24)

Grade 6

B. Filtz An Ancient Tale
V. Gavrilin Come now, Boys
R. Glier Eight Easy Piano Pieces, op43
  • Prayer (no.2)
Y. Gnesina Song of the Brook
A. Grechaninov
  • Prelude
  • The Autumn Song op.3,no.3
A. Griboedov Waltz
D. Kabalevsky 30 Children's Pieces, op27
  • Toccatina (no.12)
  • Warrior’s Dance (no.19)
  • Fairy Tale (no.20
  • Cavalry Gallop (no.29)
A.Khachaturian Ivan Sings

D. Khvatov

D. Khvatov

D. Khvatov

J. Kolodob



Green Hill

Carpathian Waterfall
L. Kolodob Happy Bronze Boy
S. Prokofiev Music for Children op.65
  • Promenade (no.2)
A. Rebikov
  • Waltz Miniature ,op10,no.10
  • A Little Girl Rocking Her Doll,op31
D. Shostakovich 7 Doll’s Dances
  • Lyric Waltz (no.1)
  • Romance (no.3)
  • Waltz-joke (no.5)
  • Dance (no.7)
P. Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op39
  • Hobby Horse (no.3)
  • Waltz (no.8)
  • Neapolitan Song(no.18)
  • The Witch in the Woods (Baba-Yaga) (no.20)
A. Verstovsky Waltz
V. Zhuravytsky A Funny Piece

Grade 7

V. Blok 12 pieces in Folk  Modes
  • Bashkir Chastushka
  • Vignettes
  • Brave Soldier Shveik
G. Frid Russian Tales
  • Nocturne
  • A Sad Song
  • Scherzo
R .Glier Eight Easy Piano Pieces, op43
  • Arietta (no.7)
Twelve Children's Pieces, op31
  • Cradle Song (no.3)
  • Romance (no.7)
Y. Gnesina Spinning Top
D. Kabalevsky
  • Four Rondos, op.60 (any piece)
30 pieces for children op.27
  • Etude( no.3)
  • Dance (no.27)
 Easy  Variations, op51
  • Seven Good-Humored Variations on a Ukrainian Folk Song (no.4)
A. Khachaturian Ivan Is Very Busy

D. Khvatov

D. Khvatov

D. Khvatov

V. Kossenko

The Grenadier and the Lady

Aria in Antique Style

The Sun River

24 Pieces for Children, op15

  • Waltz
  • Melody
M. Lebeda Toccata
S. Maikapar Toccatina op.8,no.2
S. Prokofiev Music for Children, op65
  • Regrets (no.5)
  • Waltz (no.6)
  • March of the Grasshoppers (no.7)
  • March (no.10)
  • Evening (no.11)
N. Rakov  Scherzino
V. Rebikov Album of Easy Pieces
  • Waltz (no.6)
D. Shostakovich  7 Doll’s Dances
  • Polka (no.4)
P. Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op.39
  • Song of the Lark (no.22)
A. Tcherepnin Bagatelles, op.5
  • Bagatelle (no.9

Grade 8

  • Lame General
  • Polka
A.Gliere 8 easy piano pieces, op.43
  • Prelude in D flat major (no.1)
  • Melody,op.34,no.13
M.Glinka Tarantella
  • Prelude op.38,no.8
  • Early morning exercises, op.3/86, no.2
  • Etude op.27,no.24
V.Kalinnikov A Sad Song
A.Khachaturian In Folk Style

D. Khvatov

D. Khvatov


Steamin’ Down the Mississippi

I See a Shining Aloft

Mysterious Summer Night
  • Prelude in B flat minor, op31,no.2
  • Music Box op.32
S. Rachmaninov  Italian Polka
N. Rakov Polka in C major
V.Rebikov Melancholy Waltz, op3,no.3
A. Scriabin 24 preludes,op.11
  • Prelude (no.22)
G. Sviridov   Waltz
P. Tchaikovsky The Seasons, op.37b
  • March

Grade 9

A. Berkovich Variations on the Theme of  Paganini
M.Glinka Variations on a Russian Song (A minor)
A. Grechaninov Sonatina in F major, op.110, No2 (1st movement)
D. Kabalevsky
  • Variations in D major, op.40, No1
  • Six Variations on a Ukrainian Folk Song, op.51,no.5
  • Sonatina in C major,op.13,no.1 (1st movement)
24 Preludes, op.38
  • Prelude no.1 and no.2
  • Prelude no.12
  • Prelude no.20
Six Preludes and Fugues, op.61
  • Prelude and Fugue no.5 in C minor
  • Prelude and Fugue no.6 in F major
6 Pieces for Piano,op.88
  • Dreams (no.1)
  • Who’ll Win the Argument? (no.2)
A. Khachaturian Sonatina (1st or 2nd  and 3rd movement)
N. Lysenko Elegy
S. Prokofiev Four Pieces, op.32
  • Gavotte (no.3)
Tales of the Old Grandmother, op.31
  • Sostenuto (no.4
V. Rebikov Waltz op. 21 in F# Minor
A. Scriabin 24 Preludes, op.11
  • two of no.5,8,9,10, or 13
R. Shchedrin Humoresque
D.Shostakovich 24 Preludes, op34
  • Prelude no.24 in D minor
P.Tchaikovsky The Seasons,op.37b
  • January
  • February
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
A.Tcherepnin Bagatelles, op.5
  • no.1 and no.4
  • no 3 and no.5
  • no.6
  • no.8
  • no.10

Grade 10

V. Deshevov The Rails op.16
S.Dolin Prelude for John Weinzweig
  • Variations in A minor,op.40 ,no 2
  • Sonatina in C major, op13 no.1
  • (2nd and 3rd movements)
24 Preludes, op.38
  • Prelude no.3
  • Prelude no.5 and no.9
  • Prelude no.6 and no. 20
A. Lyadov Trifles,op2
  • no.12
  • March from The Love for Three Oranges, op33
  • Sonatina, op54,no.2 (1st or 3rd movement)
Ten Pieces, op12
  • March (no.1)
  • Prelude (Harp) (no.7)
Romeo and Juliet, 10 pieces op.75  
  • Montagues and Capulets
  • Romeo and Juliet before Parting
S.Rachmaninov 10 Preludes, op23
  • no.8
  • no.10
13 Preludes op32
  • no.11
Morceaux de fantasie, op.3
  • Elegie (no.1)
  • Prelude (no.2)
  • Melody (no.3)
  • Serenade (no.5)
Etudes tableaux, op33
  • no.8
A.Scriabin 24 Preludes, op11
  • Prelude no.2 and no.14
  • Prelude no.4 and no.6
  • Three Fantastic Dances, op5
24 Preludes, op.34
  • two of no.5,9,11,12,18,20


M. Glinka –Balakirev The Lark
  • Sonatina no3 in F major, op46
24 Preludes, op.38
  • two of no.10,14,16,22,24
N. Kapustin 8 Concert Etudes, op.40 (any one)
L.Kuzmenko In Memoriam to Victims of Chernobyl
  • Sonata No3 op28
Visions fugitives op22 (five movements)
  • Toccata op11
Four Pieces, op4
  • Diabolical Suggestion
  • two of Elan, Despair, Reminiscences
Four Etudes, op2 (any one)
  • 10 pieces, op.12
  • Scherzo (no.10)
Sarcasms, op.17
  • two consecutive movements
S.Rachmaninoff 10 Preludes, op. 23
  • one of no.2,4,5,6,7
13 Preludes, op. 32
  • one of no.3,5,9,10,12
Morceaux de fantasie, op.3
  • Polichinelle (no.4)
Etudes tableaux op. 39 (any piece)
  • op. 33 (any piece, except no.8)
A.Scriabin Douze etudes, op.8
  • any one
4 pieces, op.56
  • Etude(no.4)
Hut etudes, op.42
  • one of no.1,5,6,7,8
3 pieces,op.49
  • Etude(no.1)
Trios etudes, op.65
  • any one
R. Shchedrin Polyphonisches Spiel heft
  • Basso ostinato (no.16)
D.Shostakovich 24 Preludes and Fugues, op.87 (any one, except no.1,5,7)
 I. Stravinsky 4 etudes, op.7
  • any one
P. Tchaikovsky Dumka, op.59