It is not compulsory to choose from the syllabus. You can choose any composition by a Russian composer.

Introductory grade

I.Berkovich 25 easy piano pieces
  • Dance (no.4)
  • Ukrainian Folk Song (no.8)
  • Russian Song (no.10)
A.Gedike 60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op.36
  • A Song (no.3)
D.Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children, op.39
  • Melody (no.1)
  • Little Polka (no.2)
  • March-Like (no.3)
  • A Little Joke (no.6)
  • Song (no.8)
Children’s Adventures, op.89
  • First Waltz (no.5)
N. Lubarsky Hen
A.Markov Jumping Jacks
P. Tchaikovsky Old Russian Song (My Lizochek)


Grade 1


I. Berkovich 25 Easy piano pieces
  • Ukrainian Folk Songs (no.7) and (no.11)
  • March (no.14)
V. Blok The Bear in the Forest, op11, no.6
  • 12 pieces in Folk Modes
  • Happy Times
L.Eurina Ukrainian Echoes
  • A Sad Song
G. Frid                 Youthful Adventures  
  • The Jolly Fiddler, op.41, no.5
G. Galynin The Bear
A.Gedike 60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op36
  • A Little Rabbit(no4)
  • A Happy Tale(no31)
  • A Sad Song(no39)
M. Glinka Polka
E. Gnesina Etude in C major
A.Grechaninov Children’s Album, op98
  • Fairy Tale(no.1)
D.Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children. Op39
  • Funny Incident (no.7)
  • March (no.10)
  • Waltz (no.13)
Children’s  Adventures op.89
  • A Little Hedgehog (no.8)
  • Skipping Rope (no.17)
A.Markov Teapot Invention
A.Nikolaev Etude
V. Rebikov The Bear
D.Shostakovich Six Children’s Pieces op69
  • Waltz
  • Soldier’s March
S.Stravinsky Piano Music for Children
  • For the Kids Next Door
  • Pagoda
  • Stepping stones
P.Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op.39
  • Russian Folk Song


Grade 2


  • Mazurka
  • Study in G major
Six Mobiles set
  • Drone Waltz
V.Block 12 Pieces in folk modes
  • A Little Ballade
G. Frid Youthful Adventures
  • I’m sad
  • The Teddy Bear
  • Thoughtful Waltz op.41 no.22
  • Study in G major
20 little pieces for piano
  • Dance (no.13)
60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op.36
  • Fugato(no40)
  • Military Trumpets (no53)
A.Grechaninov Children’s Album, op98
  • Farewell (no4)
Glass Beads, op123
  • Little Beggar (no2)
  • Morning Walk (no.1)
  • Etude (no3)
  • Sad Song (no.4)
D.Kabalevsky 30 Children’s Pieces, op27
  • Waltz (no1)
  • A Little Song (no.2)
24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • March (no1) (no10)
  • Scherzo (no.12)
A.Khachaturian 24 Easy Piano Pieces for Children
  • An Evening Tale
L. Korenevskaya A Little Rain
A.Levytsky Theme for Variations Souvenirs for Piano
N. Litkova Variations
  • Waltz in C major
  • In the Garden op.28, no.1
  • Study in C major
V.Rebikov Annushka
D.Shostakovich Six Children’s Pieces,op69
  • The Bear
I.Stravinsky Andantino (no1) Les cinq doigts CHS
S.Stravinsky Piano Music for Children
  • Pastoral Tune
  • Wistful
P.Tchaikovsky Album for the Youngop.39
  • The farmer’s boy playing   the Accordion (no.12)
  • The Sick Doll

Grade 3

I. Berkovich Variations on a Russian Folksong
  • Two Ants
12 pieces in Folk Modes
  • Lullaby
  • Melancholy Song
A. Gedike
  • Study in E minor op.32, no.12
60 Simple Piano Pieces for Beginners, op36
  • Sonatina in C major (no.20)
A.Grechaninov Children’s Album, op98
  • In a Camp (no2)
  • Marching (no3)
  • Horse and Rider (no5)
  • Nanny is ill (Discontent) (no 6)
  • A Tiresome Lesson (no7)
  • Cradle song (Lullaby) (no9)
  • A little Dance (no10)
  • Study (no12)
  • After the Ball (no13)
  • A Little Traveler (no14)
  • A Little Would-be Man (no15)
Glass Beads, op.123
  • Morning Walk (no1)
  • A Little Song (no.2)
D.Kabalevsky 30 pieces for children op.27
  • Night on the River (no.4)
  • An Old Dance (no.7)
  24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • Clowns (no.20)
N.Lubarsky Dance
A. Maikapar op.28 Birulki
  • Little Orphan (no.2)
  • The young shepherd's song (no.3)
  • In the fall (no.4)
  • Waltz (no.5)
D.Shostakovich 6 children’s pieces, op.69
  • A Happy Tale (no.4)
  • March
S.Stravinsky Tag
P.Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op39
  • Morning Prayer (no.1)
  • Mama (no.4)
  • Organ grinder’s Song (no.23)
A. Tcherepnin Prelude

Grade 4

V.Block An Old Serenade
B. Filtz
  • A lost toy (Ukrainian Echoes)
  • Playing Ball (Childhood Memories)
A. Gedike Study in G major op.36, no.26
R. Glier Rondo
A.Grechaninov Grandfather's Album, op119  (any piece)
Y.Ischenko Trembitas in the Distance
D.Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • Gallop ( Hopping) (no.18)
30 Pieces for Children, op27
  • A Sad Little Tale (no.6)
  • A Little Fairy Tale (no.9)
  • Dance on the Lawn (no.17)
Children’s Adventures op.89
  • Chastushka (no.25)
V. Kossenko Scherzino
A. Maikapar
  • Dewdrops op.33, no.12
op.28 Birulki
  • Troubled Moment (no.6)
  • Polka (no.7)
  • Little Commander (no.9)
  • A Little Fairy Tale (no.10)
  • Lullaby (no.15)
  • Sailers’ song (no.16)
V.Rebikov Silhouettes, op31
  • The Little Shepherd (no.8)
  • Thinguma Jig
D.Shostakovich Six Pieces for Children, op69
  • A Sad Fairy Tale (no.5)
P.Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op39
  • The Doll’s Funeral (no.7)
  • My New Doll (no.9)
  • Italian Song (no.15)
  • Old French Song (no16)
  • German Song (no.17)
V.Zhuravytsky The Detective

Grade 5

S.Bortkiewicz The Hardy Tin Soldier op.30, no.3
L. Eurina
  • Blues “ Mignon”
  • Pastoral
B. Filtz A Song about Grandmother
G. Frid A Day in the Country
  • Garmoshka
Russian Tales
  • Chastushka
  • A Little Song
V. Gavrilin
  • The Carillon
  • Dancing Chime
A. Gedike Study in C major op.32, no.16
Y. Gnesina Skipping Rope
A. Gretchaninov Glass Beads op.123
  • Waltz
D. Kabalevsky 24 Pieces for Children, op39
  • A Slow Waltz (no23)
  • Prelude (no.19)
  • A Happy Journey (no.24)
  • Folk Dance no.17
30 Children's Pieces, op27
  • Cradle Song (no.8)
  • Sonatina in A minor (no.18)
  • Novelette (no.25)
  • Five Happy Variations on a Russian Folk Song, op51, no.1
V. Kossenko
  • A Little Rain
  • Polka in E major
L.Kuzmenko Romance
M.Lebeda Music for Young  Pianists
  • March
  • Mood
O.Levytsky The Merry-Go-Round
S. Maikapar Staccato Prelude,op.31,no.6
V. Rebikov In the Forest op.51,no.4
A. Rubinstain Melody
V. Selivanov Scherzo
  • The Barrel-organ Waltz, op97
Seven Doll's Dances
  • Gavotte (no.2)
  • Hurdy-Gurdy(no.6)
6 Children’s Pieces op.69
  • The mechanical doll
  • Waltz of the Flowers
 Album for the Young, op39
  • Winter Morning(no.2)
  • March of Wooden Soldiers(no.5)
  • Mazurka(no.10)
  • Kamarinskaya (no.13)
  • Polka(no.14)
  • The Old Nurse's Tale(no.19)
  • Sweet Dreams (no.21)
  • In Church (no.24)

Grade 6

B. Filtz An Ancient Tale
V. Gavrilin Come now, Boys
R.Glier Eight Easy Piano Pieces, op43
  • Prayer (no.2)
Y. Gnesina Song of the Brook
  • Prelude
  • The Autumn Song op.3,no.3
A. Griboedov Waltz
D. Kabalevsky 30 Children's Pieces, op27
  • Toccatina (no.12)
  • Warrior’s Dance (no.19)
  • Fairy Tale (no.20
  • Cavalry Gallop (no.29)
A.Khachaturian Ivan Sings
J. Kolodob Carpathian Waterfall
L. Kolodob Happy Bronze Boy
S.Prokofiev Music for Children op.65
  • Promenade (no.2)
A. Rebikov
  • Waltz Miniature ,op10,no.10
  • A Little Girl Rocking Her Doll,op31
D. Shostakovich 7 Doll’s Dances
  • Lyric Waltz (no.1)
  • Romance (no.3)
  • Waltz-joke (no.5)
  • Dance (no.7)
P.Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op39
  • Hobby Horse (no.3)
  • Waltz (no.8)
  • Neapolitan Song(no.18)
  • The Witch in the Woods (Baba-Yaga) (no.20)
A.Verstovsky Waltz
V.Zhuravytsky A Funny Piece

Grade 7

V. Blok 12 pieces in Folk  Modes
  • Bashkir Chastushka
  • Vignettes
  • Brave Soldier Shveik
G. Frid Russian Tales
  • Nocturne
  • A Sad Song
  • Scherzo
R.Glier Eight Easy Piano Pieces, op43
  • Arietta (no.7)
Twelve Children's Pieces, op31
  • Cradle Song (no.3)
  • Romance (no.7)
Y. Gnesina Spinning Top
D. Kabalevsky
  • Four Rondos, op.60 (any piece)
30 pieces for children op.27
  • Etude( no.3)
  • Dance (no.27)
 Easy  Variations, op51
  • Seven Good-Humored Variations on a Ukrainian Folk Song (no.4)
A.Khachaturian Ivan Is Very Busy
V.Kossenko 24 Pieces for Children, op15
  • Waltz
  • Melody
M.Lebeda Toccata
S. Maikapar Toccatina op.8,no.2
S.Prokofiev Music for Children, op65
  • Regrets (no.5)
  • Waltz (no.6)
  • March of the Grasshoppers (no.7)
  • March (no.10)
  • Evening (no.11)
N. Rakov  Scherzino
V.Rebikov Album of Easy Pieces
  • Waltz (no.6)
D. Shostakovich  7 Doll’s Dances
  • Polka (no.4)
P. Tchaikovsky Album for the Young, op.39
  • Song of the Lark (no.22)
A. Tcherepnin Bagatelles, op.5
  • Bagatelle (no.9

Grade 8

  • Lame General
  • Polka
A.Gliere 8 easy piano pieces, op.43
  • Prelude in D flat major (no.1)
  • Melody,op.34,no.13
M.Glinka Tarantella
  • Prelude op.38,no.8
  • Early morning exercises, op.3/86, no.2
  • Etude op.27,no.24
V.Kalinnikov A Sad Song
A.Khachaturian In Folk Style
L.Kuzmenko Mysterious Summer Night
  • Prelude in B flat minor, op31,no.2
  • Music Box op.32
S. Rachmaninov  Italian Polka
N. Rakov Polka in C major
V.Rebikov Melancholy Waltz, op3,no.3
A. Scriabin 24 preludes,op.11
  • Prelude (no.22)
G. Sviridov   Waltz
P. Tchaikovsky The Seasons, op.37b
  • March

Grade 9

A. Berkovich Variations on the Theme of  Paganini
M.Glinka Variations on a Russian Song (A minor)
A.Grechaninov Sonatina in F major, op.110, No2 (1st movement)
  • Variations in D major, op.40, No1
  • Six Variations on a Ukrainian Folk Song, op.51,no.5
  • Sonatina in C major,op.13,no.1 (1st movement)
24 Preludes, op.38
  • Prelude no.1 and no.2
  • Prelude no.12
  • Prelude no.20
Six Preludes and Fugues, op.61
  • Prelude and Fugue no.5 in C minor
  • Prelude and Fugue no.6 in F major
6 Pieces for Piano,op.88
  • Dreams (no.1)
  • Who’ll Win the Argument? (no.2)
A.Khachaturian Sonatina (1st or 2nd  and 3rd movement)
N.Lysenko Elegy
S.Prokofiev Four Pieces, op.32
  • Gavotte (no.3)
Tales of the Old Grandmother, op.31
  • Sostenuto (no.4
A.Scriabin 24 Preludes, op.11
  • two of no.5,8,9,10, or 13
R. Shchedrin Humoresque
D.Shostakovich 24 Preludes, op34
  • Prelude no.24 in D minor
P.Tchaikovsky The Seasons,op.37b
  • January
  • February
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
A.Tcherepnin Bagatelles, op.5
  • no.1 and no.4
  • no 3 and no.5
  • no.6
  • no.8
  • no.10

Grade 10

V. Deshevov The Rails op.16
S.Dolin Prelude for John Weinzweig
  • Variations in A minor,op.40 ,no 2
  • Sonatina in C major, op13 no.1
  • (2nd and 3rd movements)
24 Preludes, op.38
  • Prelude no.3
  • Prelude no.5 and no.9
  • Prelude no.6 and no. 20
A. Lyadov Trifles,op2
  • no.12
  • March from The Love for Three Oranges, op33
  • Sonatina, op54,no.2 (1st or 3rd movement)
Ten Pieces, op12
  • March (no.1)
  • Prelude (Harp) (no.7)
Romeo and Juliet, 10 pieces op.75  
  • Montagues and Capulets
  • Romeo and Juliet before Parting
S.Rachmaninov 10 Preludes, op23
  • no.8
  • no.10
13 Preludes op32
  • no.11
Morceaux de fantasie, op.3
  • Elegie (no.1)
  • Prelude (no.2)
  • Melody (no.3)
  • Serenade (no.5)
Etudes tableaux, op33
  • no.8
A.Scriabin 24 Preludes, op11
  • Prelude no.2 and no.14
  • Prelude no.4 and no.6
  • Three Fantastic Dances, op5
24 Preludes, op.34
  • two of no.5,9,11,12,18,20


M. Glinka –Balakirev The Lark
  • Sonatina no3 in F major, op46
24 Preludes, op.38
  • two of no.10,14,16,22,24
N. Kapustin 8 Concert Etudes, op.40 (any one)
L.Kuzmenko In Memoriam to Victims of Chernobyl
  • Sonata No3 op28
Visions fugitives op22 (five movements)
  • Toccata op11
Four Pieces, op4
  • Diabolical Suggestion
  • two of Elan, Despair, Reminiscences
Four Etudes, op2 (any one)
  • 10 pieces, op.12
  • Scherzo (no.10)
Sarcasms, op.17
  • two consecutive movements
S.Rachmaninoff 10 Preludes, op. 23
  • one of no.2,4,5,6,7
13 Preludes, op. 32
  • one of no.3,5,9,10,12
Morceaux de fantasie, op.3
  • Polichinelle (no.4)
Etudes tableaux op. 39 (any piece)
  • op. 33 (any piece, except no.8)
A.Scriabin Douze etudes, op.8
  • any one
4 pieces, op.56
  • Etude(no.4)
Hut etudes, op.42
  • one of no.1,5,6,7,8
3 pieces,op.49
  • Etude(no.1)
Trios etudes, op.65
  • any one
R. Shchedrin Polyphonisches Spiel heft
  • Basso ostinato (no.16)
D.Shostakovich 24 Preludes and Fugues, op.87 (any one, except no.1,5,7)
 I. Stravinsky 4 etudes, op.7
  • any one
P. Tchaikovsky Dumka, op.59