Vancouver International Festival of Russian Music (VIFORM)

Article 1.
History of the festival.

The main goal of the festival is to preserve and to multiply Russian musical and cultural traditions around the world as well as to familiarize the international community with the Russian cultural heritage, new talents and popular developments in the Russian music. Through the consolidation of professionals and amateurs along this historically and culturally rich direction, the Festival will lead toward popularization of the Russian music in the world.

The Festival represents a unique opportunity for students, parents, teachers and music fans to hear high quality performances by the musicians of Greater Vancouver area and the guests and to enjoy live Russian musical culture.  They can become a part of this great holiday while anywhere on earth using the Internet.  One of the fundamental positions of the festival organizers is to give the opportunity to anybody interested in the Russian music to attend the Festival and to participate in it.

Article 2.
Festival Goals.

Vancouver International Festival of Russian Music is a legal entity registered as a non-profit organization according to the laws of  British Columbia, Canada.  It carries out its activities according to Canadian legislation.

The complete name of the festival is VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF RUSSIAN MUSIC.  The abbreviated name is VIFORM. Vancouver International Festival of Russian Music is an international festival of Russian music, which is held once a year


  • Music Competition held in Vancouver.  It offers competitive and non-competitive participation, which is aimed at improving the musicianship of both amateurs and professionals.  The main requirement of the festival is that the participant has to perform either music of a Russian composer or any Russian folk music.

  • Gala Concert is the peak event of the Festival, unifying the Music Contest and other creative projects of the non-profit organization Vancouver International Festival of Russian Music. Winners of the Music Contest, as well as special guests are invited to perform at the Gala Concert.

The Festival carries out its activities in accordance with the International Treaties with the purpose of expanding and developing its other creative projects.

The Festival implements various creative means to expand the spectrum of its activities and to realize its goals and tasks. 


    Article 3.
    Music Contest

    The Music Contest is held in Vancouver once a year.  Participation is not limited to the age or country of origin.

    The definition, Music Contest, is used only in this article.  In all other documents and printed materials, advertising or awards, the main title, VANCOUVER  INTERNATIONAL  FESTIVAL  OF  RUSSIAN  MUSIC, will be used.

    The participants are granted the right to participate in the contest after the Organizational Committee has received the application.  The applications should be submitted to the Organizational Committee no later than February 1 of the current year.

    To qualify for participation in the Music Contest, the applicant must present a piece by a Russian composer for any music instrument in either solo or ensemble performance.

    The International Contest in Vancouver offers participation in the following categories:

    Piano (solo, duets, concerto, ensemble)