Russian Music Festival - Vancouver

Vancouver International Festival of Russian Music (Russian Music Festival)  was created in 2007 as a non-profit organization dedicated to contribute to diversity in multicultural Vancouver society. The Festival is promoting music of many outstanding Russian composers, such as P.Tchaikovsky, M.Glinka, S.Rachmaninoff, S.Prokofiev, D.Shostakovich and many others.

The Vancouver International Festival of Russian Music is maintaining high professional level and is unique in its requirement - contestants need to perform one piece of a Russian composer or composers of former Soviet Union. The piece may be played on any instrument and the contestant may be of any age.

The Vancouver Festival is open to all participants irregardless of age or country of origin.

You can refer to the Festival Syllabus for choosing the music or to Syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music (Introductory to ARCT Levels).

2016 Schedule

 Saturday February 20

10:00 am

Class 101

1. Curtis Wei                        Tchaikovsky  Polka

2. Aiko Ando                        Prokofiev  Tarantella

3. Fredrick Yao                     Shostakovich  March

4. Jillina Weng                      Shostakovich  Funny Story

10:30 am

Class 102

1. Paul  Wang                       Kabalevsky  Sonatina ( First movement)

2. Polina  Khomutskaya       Tchaikovsky   Folk Song

10:45 am

Class 103

1. Judah Williams                    Kabalevsky  Toccatina

2. Tyler Yupangco                   Tchaikovsky  Waltz

3. Sarah Yang                          Prokofiev  Spring and Summer Fairy

4. Vincent Gao                        Tchaikovsky  October

11:15 am

Class 301

1. Paul Wang                         Kabalevsky  Concerto # 3 ( First movement)

Class 201

1. David Kang                            Tchaikovsky  Sweet Dreams, Neapolitan Song

2. Carol Qin                               Tchaikovsky  Old French Song,  Shostakovich  March

3. Curtis Wei                              Shostakovich  Gavotte, Dance

4. Aiko Ando                              Tchaikovsky   Morning Prayer, Folk Song

5. Julia Fan                                 Tchaikovsky    In Church, Neapolitan Song

12:15 am

Class 104

1.Matthew Li                            Prokofiev  March 

2. Elsie Lu                                 Tchaikovsky  Nocturne

Class 105

1. Ashley Wu                               Rachmaninoff  Etude-Tableau op. 33 # 7

2. Ming Yuan Ma                         Shostakovich  Dance

3. Edward Gao                            Tchaikovsky  February

12:45 am

Class 202

1. Matthew Li                       Tchaikovsky   October, November

2.Tiffany Yue                        Goedike  Study, Kabalevsky  A Little Story, Scherzo # 12

Class 203

1. Ashley Wu                    Shostakovich  Two Preludes

Class 107

1. Leonarda Ognenivic     Tchaikovsky  Sweet Dreams

2. Judy Li                          Rachmaninoff  Prelude op.32 # 12

----------------------------lunch break-----------------------------------------

3:00 pm

Class 108

1. Sophie Zheng                    Prokofiev  Sonata # 3

Class 204

1. Liz He                               Rachmaninoff  Etude-Tableau op. 33 # 7, Prelude op.3 # 2

                                             Prokofiev  March     

2. Tiffany Wu                       Rachmaninoff  Three Preludes op.23 # 3,4,5

3. Viana Zhou                       Rachmaninoff  Two Preludes

4. Sophie Zheng                   Tchaikovsky   Theme and Variations in F major  

Class 205

1. Yuliya Taustsiak             Skriabin   Two Preludes

4:30 pm

Class 304

1. Tiffany Wu           Rachmaninoff   Concerto # 2 (First Movement)

2. Sophie Zheng        Rachmaninoff  Concerto # 1 ( First Movement)

5:00 pm

Class 111

1. Joel Eckstein           Tchaikovsky  October

2. Nicole Liaksita        Rachmaninoff  Sonata # 2 (First Movement)

3. Jenny Ma                Prokofiev  Sonata # 6 ( First Movement)

5:30 pm

Class 206

1. Keiko Nukui                                  Prokofiev  Four Pieces from ‘’Romeo and Juliet’’

2. Andrea Tremblay –Legendre       Kapustin  Sonata # 2 (First and Second Movements)

3. Kiryll Parfyonov                            Rachmaninoff  Two Preludes,  Moment Musicale

4. Susan Xia                                      Scriabin   Sonata # 1 ( First and Second Movements)

7:00 pm

Class 306

1. Jenny Ma                           Rachmaninoff  Concerto # 1 (First Movement)

2. Natalie Lo                          Rachmaninoff  Rhapsody on the Theme by Paganini

You can print out the registration form by clicking link below:

 Registration Form 

See REGULATIONS  for all the groups and fees info.

Please note: piano and voice competitive groups only in 2016

Registrations are now open (deadline is  January 15  2016)

$30 late fee will be applied for applications received after January 15 until February 1st. No applications will be accepted after February 1st.


Winners of Russian Music Festival

What people say about the Festival...

“...Vancouver International Festival of Russian Music - is a remarkable feast of Russian classical, folk and even modern music. It has a significant international role for the development of Russian musical culture around the world.
The Festival presents a unique opportunity for the students, parents, teachers and music fans to hear performances of high level by the musicians of Greater Vancouver area and its guests. The participants and guests can enjoy live Russian music culture by becoming part of the Festival.” – Honorary Consul of Russia in Vancouver, Aleksandr Bardin

“...Festival of Russian music in Vancouver is a new and exciting event in Canadian music culture. This is both enjoyable and educating for every student to discover all the best of Russian music: from classics, Glinka and Tchaikovsky, to soviet titans, Shostakovich and Prokofiev, through modern Schedrin and Shnitke.
The founder of this Russian Festival, Irina Jilina, can be proud and happy to bring out a new, fresh idea into Canadian, and now international stage, which attracts more and more students and teachers willing to participate. Great idea, great start, great future!”–  Concert pianist  Dr.Boris Konovalov